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How it Works

1. Immunization

Whether it is a vaccine or serological (antibody) test, through trusted and authorized medical facilities around the globe, the information of people's immunity against different pathogens is securely injected into the decentralized network.

2. Application (Visa Processing, Airline Ticketing, etc.)

Entities which require proof of an individual's Immunity to certain pathogens can utilize Immunity Ledger network as a trusted source of data including airlines, embassies or any other entity who need to comply with a regulation to govern and protect.

3. Verification

No intermediaries needed for verifying individual's inoculation vaccination, antibodies or any other proof of immunization. It is open for integration and automated with no hassle.

Immunity Ledger How it Works

Data Injection Device

Alongside with direct integration capabilities, our off-the-shelf device offers an easy yet secure way for creating immunization records through authorized health facilities.

Key Features:

  • Ruggedized

  • Military grade security

  • Unauthorized use protection

  • Embedded with FBI certified fingerprint scanner, IRIS scanner, smart card reader and camera

  • Fully controlled and managed by Immunity Ledger

  • Open for integration with approved services

  • 3 Years warranty

Immunity Ledger Device

Visa Processing Use Case

Airline Traveling Use Case

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