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“Immunity Ledger” in the Context of COVID-19

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Precautions and Compliance Perspective

At Immunity Ledger, we believe in evidence-based anonymized immunization records. Our main purpose is storing and verifying proven immunization events in the form of vaccination or serological (antibody) testing.

During the outbreak, we started to hear about calls for Immunity Passports or Immunity Certifications promising the value of minimizing social and economic disruption, even promising a full recovery — as if it is the magical solution — without taking into consideration the international human rights and civil liberties laws, not even the supporting scientific and public health evidence or legitimacy.

If You Can’t Stop it, Regulate it

Technologists are racing ahead to build and deploy digital certificates that would allegedly let individuals “prove” whether they have recovered from the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), have tested positive for antibodies, or have received a vaccination, should one become available. [1]

Whether if such solutions are operated by public authorities or other commercial institutions, there is no way to ensure the right use of the information, causing devastating moral and ethical consequences.

At Immunity Ledger, we are building the foundation layer for storing and verifying such sensitive immunization information in the view of different regulations and human rights and civil liberties laws. This will open the door for unbound global collaboration apart of commercial and hidden influences.

Regulated vs. Non-regulated Immunization Events

Immunity Ledger’s architecture can be described by analogy to the World Wide Web. Where we access and use the regulated part of it, yet, many services running on the web operates on the non-regulated side (aka. the Deep Web), although that services serves a specific private use or even illegal use, yet, that services are benefit from the network and its protocols.

Although there is no evidence-proof of COVID-19’s immunity, some institutions chose to put assumptions in a hope to contain the situation and open economic flow.

From that perspective, Immunity Ledger decides to open the access for storing that sensitive health information to protect human and civil rights from commercial and privacy-threaten initiatives.

Immunity Ledger empowers those institutions with the foundation layer to operate on top of. Benefiting from data privacy and security measurements to enable and apply their use case even if it is not taking into consideration the public health perspective. At the same time, it protects individual’s privacy and information confidentiality in compliance with different regulations.

Private Secure Network. Yet, Open for Public

Immunity Ledger’s network is a private network governed by Immunity Ledger’s non-profit, non-governmental community to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of immunization information for individuals. Yet, the network is open for the public to use and benefit.

Partnership Program

Immunity Ledger’s partnership program enables organizations around the globe to use the network. Register your application.




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