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A Global Network Provided for Everyone.


Open neutral network focused on global safety and protection with a technology agnostic mindset.


With Distributed Ledger Technology as a backbone of our network, data is distributed with no central authority to allow for democratize access.


In compliance with HIPAA and GDPR, Immunity Ledger is protected with high-end encryption protocols & security measurements to ensure privacy, integrity and confidentiality.

Open for Integration

Our dynamic design and next-gen architecture enables comprehensive integrations with any system.


Health Monitoring for the Common Good

As borders disappear, people are increasingly free to move, creating new challenges to global health and the spread of disease. These cannot be met by national governments alone but through purpose-driven organizations and global collaboration.


With Immunity Ledger, we are building the foundation for a privacy-preserving immunity network, allowing for a safer environment for the common good.

We Aim to Create an Authentic Health Network to Enable Collaboration for the Possibility to Be a More Unified Planet.

Our Partners

​Our Partnership Program Is Now Open for Organizations Around the Globe.

Join Us And Support Your Community Accessing the Network.

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